Advisory Board

With input from the US DOT and the Maritime Administration, the co-directors of GLMRI came up with this list of representatives who have expertise in maritime commerce, marine environmental issues or other segments of the Great Lakes marine transportation system. The membership of the board was designed to bring together industry, academia, and government leaders to advise the co-directors on the research agenda and to provide input on topical priorities. The advisory board can be expanded to include additional relevant stakeholders that agree to participate. The advisory organizations, board members or their delegated representatives are:

The Great Lakes Commission
Mr. Tim Eder
Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
The St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (DOT)
Ms. Betty Sutton
Administrator, St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Washington, DC 20590
The Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration
Mr. Floyd Miras
Director, Maritime Administration, Great Lakes Gateway
Chicago, IL 60661
The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Mr. Stephen Kemp
Section President, Great Lakes and Great Rivers Section ,Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Ann Arbor, MI
The American Great Lakes Ports Association
Mr. Willam Friedman
Chairman, American Great Lakes Ports Association
Cleveland, OH
The US Coast Guard
Commander Scott Anderson
9th District, US Coast Guard
Cleveland, OH 44199
The Lake Carriers’ Association
Mr. James H.I. Weakley
President, Lake Carriers’ Association
Rocky River, OH 44116
The Army Corps of Engineers
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sellers
US Army Corps of Engineers
District Engineer, Detroit District
Detroit, MI 48266



















Latest News:

Inland Waterways LNG Stakeholders Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri

The Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI) in conjunction with and support from the Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation, hosted a meeting of stakeholders to discuss the possibilities of using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel for the inland waterways".

Third annual meeting on regional Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) potential held May 21st

LNG experts discussed LNG uses and the safety culture along with their experiences as current users. The afternoon panel highlighted the potential benefits of using LNG, themed "greening the supply chain". More details here.

Meeting to Discuss Base Local Demand and Siting for an LNG Liquefaction Plant

Potential LNG fuel users from mining, agricultural, trucking, rail and maritime sectors met to determine if there is sufficient base load demand within a 200 mile region to warrant development of an LNG liquefaction and fuel transport, storage and distribution network centered in Duluth/Superior. Work continues to consider siting and determine supply chain demand. Presentations from the meeting

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Meeting Highlights

The SNAME Section meeting was held on Feb. 13-14 in conjunction with the Great Lakes Waterways Conference in Clevelandl. Read meeting highlights here